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Door and fire

Fire-Rated Doors for Victoria and Vancouver Island


Annual Inspections

AllFire Access Pro Inc. is your trusted source and mobile service for all fire-rated doors from Nanaimo to Victoria. We are currently offering annual inspections per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. All of our inspections are performed as per NFPA 80 guidelines.


Our services include:

  • Inspecting each fire-rated door to NFPA 80 requirements
  • Provide a report for each door, listing deficiencies and necessary repairs
  • Accurate fire-rated door inventory using either your existing numbering system or creating a system for you
  • Maintenance options and agreements are available


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NFPA Inspection Guidelines

NFPA 80  2019 edition sets the standard for annual fire door inspections.

5.2.1*Upon completion of the installation, door, shutters, and window assemblies shall be inspected and tested in accordance with. 5.2.4

At a minimum, your fire doors must be inspected no less than annually and all inspections and testing be signed by the inspector copy of the inspection report must be on the field for the AHJ to review.

5.2.2*  a record of all inspections and testing shall be signed by the inspector and kept for the inspection by the AHJ. Records of acceptance tests shall be retained for the life of the assembly


Standards for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives (2010 Edition)

4.9 – Testing

4.9.1 – Upon completion of installation, all fire door and fire window assemblies shall be tested to confirm the operation of the automatic closing device and full closure.

4.9.2 – Resetting of the automatic closing device shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions.

4.9.3 – A written record shall be maintained and be made available to the AHJ. – The requirements of this chapter shall apply to new and existing installations.

5.1.4 – Replacement. Where it is necessary to replace fire doors, shutters, windows or their frames, glazing materials, hardware, and closing mechanisms, replacements shall meet the requirements for fire protection and shall be installed as required by this standard for new installations.


Fire Door Assembly Inspection FAQ

The 2019 edition of NFPA 80 – Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives (section 5.2 Inspections) requires all fire doors to be inspected not less than annually. As states, municipalities, and building / life-safety codes adopt or reference this edition of the standard; this requirement becomes effective and enforceable.


Q: Who is responsible for making sure the inspections are performed?

It is the responsibility of building owners and property managers to initiate the inspections and produce written records of the inspections for the code official to review.


Q: What are the record-keeping requirements?

NFPA 80 2019 Records of all acceptance tests shall be retained for the life of the assembly.

Q: What will be checked during the inspection process?

  • No open holes or breaks in the surface of the door or frame; no missing or broken parts
  • Glazing, vision light frames, and glazing beads intact and securely fastened
  • The door, frame, hinges, hardware, and thresholds are secured, aligned, in working order, and without damage
  • Proper clearance between door and frame, between meeting stiles of pairs, and at the bottom of the door
  • Self-closing devices and coordinators (where applicable) operational
  • Latching hardware operates and secures the door in the closed position
  • Auxiliary items that would interfere with the operation are not installed
  • No field modifications have been performed that void the label; labels are present and visible
  • Gasketing and edge seals are present and in good condition


Q: If deficiencies are found, when must they be repaired?

NFPA 80 2019 5.5 Maintenance

5.5.1* Repairs shall be made, and defects that could interfere with operation shall be corrected without delay

Deficiencies must be repaired "WITHOUT DELAY." This requirement becomes enforceable when a jurisdiction's fire code references an edition of NFPA PUBLISHED in 2007 or later. The 2009 and 2012 or later NFPA 101 also require certain egress doors to be inspected annually.


Find Doors that are Safe for Your Business

Open the door to safety with All Fire Access. We are a full-service wood/Steel door sales and have a full line of fire-rated products listed, making our products and services an ideal choice for all types of commercial or semi-residential construction. All Fire Access offers a variety of door cores for your specific temperature rise, R-value, and security requirements.


Temperature Rise Doors

A Temperature rise door is a fire-rated door that limits the heat transfer through the door for a period of 30 minutes. Temperature rise door ratings indicate the maximum rise above ambient temperature on the non-fire side of the door and will be either 250, 450, or 600 degrees F. The 250 door is the most restrictive metal door because it limits the transfer of only 250 F for a period of 30 minutes. A typical hollow metal door would reach approximately 1400-F in the same period. By minimizing the transfer of heat, a temperature-rise door could protect an exit enclosure, allowing people to pass below the floor of the fire origin. 


Enhance Your Safety with Our Hollow Metal Doors

Ask about our full selection of hollow metal products that are manufactured using satin coat steel. Our metal doors are manufactured from 20-gauge steel to 12-gauge steel and can be provided with lock seam of fully welded construction.


We are pleased to offer:

  • Acoustic wooden doors
  • Fire-rated wooden doors
  • Wood doors in metal door frames
  • Pre-hung wooden doors and frames
  • Hollow metal doors and frames
  • Rate Of Rise Doors, Temperature Rise Doors

All Fire Access has a full range of knockdown frame parts available in the following steel thicknesses:

  • 18-gauge
  • 16-gauge
  • 14-gauge

Welded frames, side lights, and borrowed lights are available in the following steel thicknesses:

  • 16-gauge
  • 14-gauge
  • 12-gauge
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